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Wavves – Demon To Lean On

‘Wavves sound like Nirvana now’. This seems to be the statement surrounding this new track that’s riling the feathers of ‘Wavves’ fans. I can’t see why – it’s a valid comparison what with the gritty, chorused guitar tones and loud/soft structure. Comparisons are an essential part of music consumption – how the hell else are people supposed to know what something they’ve never heard before sounds like. And to imply that a band is so original that they cannot be compared to anything is ignorant.

Annoying internet fanbase aside I found this track highly enjoyable finding a great balance between the sun-soaked surf-punk of their last album with heavier grunge based riffs that were always going to make Nirvana comparisons inevitable. I have a strange infatuation with whiny American vocals so Nathan delivers the goods on this tune with his voice remaining just as shrill as I always liked it – it sounds like a listenable ‘Green Day’ in places.

The new album ‘Afraid of Heights’ drops on march 26th and having also enjoyed new single ‘Sail to the Sun’ I look forward to doing a full review.

Did any of you not think this track sounds like Nirvana? Comment so I can mock you!



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