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Peace – In Love

Leading from the front in the much talked about Birmingham scene that came to light with the release of Peace’s Delicious E.P. It not only contained indie guitar brilliance but also the potential to gather momentum for a band which have yet to cease to excite.

The 4 piece 90s obsessives are to release their debut album ‘In Love’  on the 25th March on Columbia Records. The opening track ‘Higher Than The Sun’ kicks off the album with melodies, drum beats and guitar work so distinctive you feel you’ve already heard it. Safe to say it starts as it means to go on, and the track on its own right is a great advert for the rest of the L.P. 

My adoration for this band has been clear through my constant need to throw my money at them, purchasing the E.P Delicious 12″,  Wraith 7″, the most recent Follow Baby 7″ and the In Love signed red L.P.  They make something of their product, they make it something that is worth purchasing, (not that the music doesn’t do that anyway). They’re collectable items to the point that the 12″ Delicious E.P is now going for £65 on ebay?! Maybe its not just me that wants to throw cash at this band.

Continuing to listen to In Love for possibly the third time. I’d only say the track ‘Delicious’ doesn’t really flow and capture my attention like the rest of the Album does, the only track I feel I’ve been told to like through Harrison claiming “It’s almost like an album’s worth of content in four minutes, all squashed down. It goes everywhere!” This is a bit of a shock to the system for any Peace fan, Peace don’t normally go everywhere, you know what they do and it’s wonderfully predictable, I assume this is why I had a natural aversion from these three minutes of the album.

This very minor blip in the album aside, it continues to plough through being even more 90’s than the 90’s itself and you could definitely have fun playing the ‘name the 90’s band’ game with this album. Waste Of Paint is definitely Peace’s homage to Stone Roses’ Fools Gold. During the verse I can vividly picture a bunch of gnarly Mancs, pilled up to their eye balls shaking their baggy jeans and their bucket hats round like they’ve never moved before. Now what a sight that brings to mind.

The dynamic variation on this album is spot on, there is a large mix of indie pop classics to slow, romantic, beautiful pop songs. A lot of artists strive for this contrast to be well delivered but I feel Peace have hit the nail on the head with this one. Deep down these tracks are pure pop songs, you could get Justin Bieber to sing a newly arranged version of Wraith  and you wouldn’t see it go amiss in the charts. But I love it. Its how its meant to be, beautiful when it needs to be, fun when it needs to be and yet still wonderfully crafted. Their description on their Facebook page is ‘music to fuck you in the heart’ and I feel this band’s debut certainly achieves this feat. With flying colours.

I’ll leave you with the penultimate track from the album ‘Sugarstone’ just because I think its pretty boss.

Any Thoughts?

Take it easy

Elliot x


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