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Blu – New Music Videos

Blu is probably hands down my favorite MC. I feel like we’ve been through alot though me and Blu. From falling in love over ‘Below The Heavens’ to the weird lo-fi period that I don’t think anyone but Blu really got. By the time the NoYork! release went tits-up I was ready to give up but following last year’s ‘Give me my flowers…’ release with Exile (actually a remaster of a previous lo-fi project) it seems Blu is winning over his fanbase again with a steady stream of new releases and videos. I’m hoping by the time the NoYork! re-release drops in March people will really start taking notice again because even with all the up’s and downs Blu never stopped being an amazing rapper.

The first video is a single off the Exile release, a beautifully shot affair featuring some questionable ‘drop-crotch’ trousers. The second is a L’Orange. It’s a split screen film noir that perfectly captures the mood of this throwback track.

Blu & Exile – Ease Your Mind

L’Orange – Alone Feat. Blu

Any Blu fans out there? Comment!



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