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I’m sure you all think you’ve heard enough about Birmingham and the amount of guitar based fulfilment it’s bought us already, well you’re wrong. Peace’s Harrison adores them and they’ve caused quite a stir with their live show. I was lucky enough to see them support Tribes on their last tour and after finding nothing about the band prior to the show, I was hooked from the first track, they only played about 4 songs and after 15 minutes Superfood left the stage. Their heavily 90’s reminiscent guitar lines, vocals, harmonies, rhythms and choruses… bought me back to what I love about the decade. Listen to Blur’s album Leisure and the heavier aspects of Radiohead’s The Bends and you’ve got Superfood. You may as well listen to those albums for the time being because they currently have no sounds online but they are a rather tasty band. They have recently been announced as support for the Peace UK tour so if you’re catching any of that, you lucky lucky people, and yes the repetition of ‘lucky’ is needed.

For the mean time check out Superfood’s goings on on their social media and that to see if they ever do put out a song:

Facebook :

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Much love

Elliot x


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