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Bare Pale are fucking cool. You know why? They’re the first people to send us their music. We’re still at that beautiful early stage of this blog where submissions can reveal some great stuff – we hope we can continue to recieve stuff like this until eventually we’re getting a billion submissions a minite and we close the blog down.

On their ‘If It Is’ EP, Bare Pale wear their shoegazing ancestry on their sleeve – the track ‘ Shame’ unravels itself as a woozy 3 minite drone. It’s impenetrable wall of fuzz blocks the effect soaked vocals from breaking through and they remain just out of sight. They lead but they never dominate.

Tracks like ‘I never could’ take a similar shape; it seems to travel through an entire universe while barely straying away from it’s 3 chord theme. The self-titled track takes things down a different path sounding at its core like an american slacker anthem until 30 seconds in a whirl wind of guitar leads casts a stormy sky over the humble backdrop. It makes a pleasing contrast to the more-expansive numbers which makes for a dynamic and varied EP.

These guys have a few dates coming up including The Old Blue Last on April 9th. Check them out – I bet they’re fucking loud!

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