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Chance The Rapper – Juice

Right we all know that Drake was the first rapper to ‘successfully rap and sing’. And we all know that is complete bullshit becuase we’ve heard of Mos Def (and Lauryn Hill!? has Drake not even heard of Lauryn Hill?). So we know someone singing and rapping is hardly cause for special attention but i’ve never heard it done as smoothly as by Chigago’s ‘Chance The Rapper’.

‘Juice’ is performed with such glee it sounds like he just can’t contain the melody that guides along his acrobatic flow. It’s a genuine song that walks the line between cheesy and uplifting and falls on the side that leaves me smiling. The beat gives off a sultry vibe that echoes some of ‘J Cole’s’ cuts – hardly ground breaking but it creates a smooth backdrop for Chance to word-weave.

Chance The Rapper is riding a fresh wave of SXSW buzz towards the release of his second mixtape ‘Acid Rap’ in April. I expect to see this kid hovering around the top of the Billboard charts in the not-to-distant future.

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