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Joyce Manor – Constant Headache

The term ‘Emo’ got absolutley bastardised in the mid 00’s with the whole MCR thing. It’s a shame that i’m now embarassed to tell people I like Emo music because they will instantly assume i’m a make-up wearing super-cunt. Most people, especially in the UK, are completely unaware that emo stems from ‘Emotional Hardcore’ and that, at it’s core, it couldn’t be further away from that self-indulgently dramatic ‘Black Parade’ shit.

Here’s the kinda emo i like. ‘Constant Headache’ is an anthem, a song that doesn’t wallow in it’s sorrow but rather invites the whole world to share it. Like a party at the end of the world, it knows we’re all fucked up and that we might as well enjoy it. It doesn’t put on a show it just opens its heart and lets you watch. It restains itself just enough to build up a cinematic-intensity that explodes in the chorus screaming with a rawness that stems from the honesty of every note played.  To me ‘ emo’ was never meant to be a big-budget major label fanfare. It was built for bedrooms and sweatboxes, never enjoyed by the masses but loved by the few and this track is a perfect example.

Are you secretly a massive emo too? Comment!



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