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SKATERS – I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)

You know when a chorus is so good that the rest of a song almost feels like an inconvenience. You dont want to hear anything but that chorus; you need it. SKATERS have got one of those choruses that simply involves yelling the name of the song over and over and it’s so damn good i would happily listen to it for 3 minutes straight.

Unfortunatley there are some verses (pussies). A couple of inoffensive 30 second passages that don’t offend or even bother trying to be memorable. Hell, they don’t even build towards the chorus, they just exist for people to get their breath back and then suddenly the snare hits and everyone can yell ‘I WANNA DANCE BUT I DONT KNOW HOW!!!’ again. Oh what fun!!

If these guys continue to make belters then it could be the closest some hip New Yorkers have been to the mainstream since Julian and his band of merry Strokes did their thing oh so long ago. Right, im guna listen to the chorus on loop again now…

Does anyone know how to dance? Comment



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