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XXL Freshman – Class of 2013

XXL 2013 Freshman Class Magazine

No one can get these lists right. That’s not to discredit  XXL but it’s impossible to select a group of rappers who are supposedly the ‘ones-to-watch’ for the year and NOT tread on a few toes. A large portion of the complainers are  the kids who will completely have missed the point of this list and moan about how Jay Z aint top every year so they’re kinda irrelevant. But having said that XXL have definitely got a few things right this year…

Joey Bada$$ and Schoolboy Q will have huge years. Joey is rumoured to have just signed a 7 figure deal and is all over the radio. To be honest when I first heard him, obviously his mic skills impressed the hell out of me but i didn’t think he had a chance in hell of any mainstream crossover appeal. I was proved wrong and I’m damn happy about this; it’s rare you get the general public excited about someone who’s capable this level of lyrical complexity. Schoolboy Q has got his major label debut ‘Oxymoron’ coming out this year and whilst I would be surprised if it shifted quite to the level of  GKMC, Interscope/Aftermath’s support will definitely put him in a good spot to get a wider following this year, especially following his stint on tour with A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown last year.

Ab-Soul is a weird one. He is a fantastic rapper and he’s viewed by many as a step away from lean-induced molly popping that’s pissing a lot of people in hip-hop off at moment (not me though, I love that shit). ‘Control System’ got brilliant reviews last year and he’ll have the same label backing as Schoolboy Q when it comes to releasing an album. But with no solid release plans in place yet no one’s quite sure what to expect.

Action Bronson has an award-winning personality and it’s probably responsible for a large part of his fanbase, me inclusive. The Ghostface-sounding raps come to life when you know more about the eccentric-chef behind the words. ‘Rare Chandeliers’ was an excellent mixtape and ‘The Symbol’ video is classic Bronson. I don’t think Bronson’s ever going to go multiplatinum but I think he’ll definitely get a Danny Brown like cult following.

Trinidad Jame$ is ridiculous but fuck it, he makes good radio rap and looks entertaining enough. The whole world is watching him to see if he’s going to justify his multi-million pound deal and whilst I hardly think he’s going to change the world, he’ll probably make an infinite string of bangers.

Angel Haze annoys the hell out of me; she tries far too hard to portray that ‘bad bitch’ persona and makes some very clunky music as a result. Having said that she did come across as the more likable party in the Azealia Banks beef although right now who isn’t more likable that Azealia Banks; She made Perez Hilton look human!?

I’m not guna lie, im not too up on the rest of the list (‘Chief Keef’ excluded but i’m not starting on that today) so ill make some shit up about them now.

Kirko Bangs sounds like drake but worse.

Travi$ Scott was on Cruel Summer apparently…cool!

Logic sounds like J Cole.

Dizzy Wright is on Hopsin’s label which makes him bad

There we go. If anyone wanted a white kid from england’s opinion it’s there in writing now.

Who the fuck is Travi$ Scott? Comment!



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