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COLLECTION – Antifolk Vol.1


This will be the first of many features where I pluck something from my collection, probably because i was listening to it at the time, and write about it. Sound good? Then i’ll begin…

Todays lucky pluck is a compilation called ‘Antifolk Vol.1’ put together by Rough Trade to showcase these ‘antifolk’ artists – a lovable bunch of weirdos playing their own bizzare twist on folk music. Theres 20 artists on here and there’s definitely 20 distinct personalities. That’s the greatest thing about this compilation, although the quality is not consistent you get a real picture of who made each track. Its kinda like speed dating – you get a little insight in to the mind of these characters and then its on to the next one.

I originally bought the album because of the inclusion of ‘Gin is not my friend’ by Ish Marquez. Ish is a mysterious figure that i have been able to find very little about even though i have been relentlessly trying since hearing this song in a skate video a couple of years back. This track is by far the highlight – poetic and gritty sounding, it’s almost tribal in its rhythm. Ish talks of his ‘demonous friend Hennessey’ through his soulful-shrieks. As ridiculously good as this song is it’s not the only highpoint.

Diane Cluck’s ‘Monte Carlo’ is a gentle number that floats along with swan like grace. It’s a super 8 showreel of macabre beauty, delicately handled with Cluck’s morrisey-like melodies. Other highlights include Brer Brian not giving a fuck on ‘Harlem ’99’ and the tale of Mike, who could make a bong out of anything, on ‘Drinking beers with mom’.

Like I said there are low points but getting 20 tracks as good as ‘Gin is not my friend’ is an impossibility. Even the low points can be entertaining if maybe not for the right reasons. Concidering I bought this album for one track i’ve been pleasantly suprised by what’s on here and at the end of the day i’ve gotten to know 20 new people. I wont be calling some of them again…


Look at them – bunch of wierdos

Anyone else own or enjoyed this album? Comment!



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