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R.E.M – Murmur

I decided to have a look through my record collection and found this:


R.E.M’s first album, Murmur.

Some bands sell copious amounts of copies of their first album, some sell a very minimal amount. This can be seen with Arctic Monkeys debut rocketing them to Rock Stardom from the start. Some artists develop their sound, song writing, fan base and ego before they break through into the mainstream and R.E.M did this very efficiently.

With first track on this album Radio Free Europe you can tell from the offset they were on to a good thing, that driving beat, jangly guitar melodies and the vocal pleasantries which can be heard throughout all their work and which are so iconic to the ears of any R.E.M listener.

You wouldn’t have an artist now, or a label willing to fund the release of 5 albums before one of them becoming a hit, this is what I find so unique and exciting about R.E.M because there is a huge amount of tracks very few people have actually listened to, but it’s as brilliant as any of their pieces of work and for me goes down as one of their best.

Anyone heard any of the earlier R.E.M?

Elliot x




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