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Jhené Aiko

I still remember when artists like ‘The Weeknd’  were making music that was litterally the most refreshingly revolutionary thing my tired ears had heard in forever . In what was being called ‘Alternative-RnB’, artists were taking the vocal style I had heard smeared all over the top 40 of the 00s and re-contextualising it in tales of late night hedonism over sparse beats. I speak about this with such nostalgia because since it’s inception the world has been bombarded with copycats. I’ve never known a genre become so saturated so quickly. This isn’t to say that the quality of music isn’t there, it loses it’s impact after the you hear the same recycled melodies over James Blake Lite beats ten times a day. Jhené Aiko is atleast making it her own.

I first heard her voice on Ab-Soul’s Terrorist Threats and was intrigued enough by her minor part to want more and when Mirrors dropped, her vision became clear. The beat was dark but playful. The Voice was pure but you feel there is a poison that lurks below the delicately handled syllables. It’s a paranoid nursery rhyme that softly breaks you into a nightmare.

The ‘Weeknd’s’ success is well documented and people like ‘How To Dress Well’  have ammassed an army of cult followers’I think it’s about time this scene had a woman at it’s forefront too. Oh and she’s really really pretty…that’s definitely worth mentioning.

Anyone else sick to death of ‘The Weeknd’ copycats? Comment!



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