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Antwon is a cool looking motherfucker. Asthetics are an incredibly important part of all music but hip-hop visuals can make or break an artist. Imagine seeing a sun soaked hipster rick ross drinking 40s spliced together with Steve Mcqueen videos and you can imagine why I love Antwon; he gets his visuals RIGHT.

The video i’m talking about is for the song ‘Helicopter’, a steady beat full of 80s nostalgia with lashings of almost shoe-gazing synths spread over the top. It’s hardly the place you’d expect to find Antwon’s heavy flow but the constrast of brash simplicity with the avant-guard beat fits his style perfectly.

Videos like ‘Living Every Dream’ see him rocking VHS quality for the full throwback effect that looks straight Vice City. ‘3rd World Girl’ has a puppet in the video…i’ll leave you to discover that one yourself.

Noisey have already tipped Antwon as one to watch this year and if you can’t figure out why, he says it best himself; “They think my style strange, I think they all the same” and there will always be a place for true indivuals in this world.

Antwon is a cool motherfucker right? Comment!



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