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Right so I will admit before starting this article the whole synth pop thing never made any sense to me so Chvrches were never exactly going to my cup of tea. Still though…

This Glasgow 3 piece recently OWNED SXSW. It’s probably the most popular a Scot has been in America since Alan Mcgee’s heyday. They’ve struck the perfect balance of blog appeal and major label backing and will probably do very very well. But why?

I literally have no idea what sets this band apart from any other synth act that has or could exist, past, present and future. The songs are hardly generation defining anthems or even especially great pop songs. The vocals are just a girl singing who probably sounds more like Ellie Goulding than anyone else; nothing to write home about there. The whole thing just sounds like a watered down Grimes without any of the character which was the whole thing that made Grimes tolerable in the first place.

Its not to say they’re a bad band but why the hype. What am I missing?

Anyone care to enlighten me? Comment!



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