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COLLECTION: Teebs – Ardour


We’ve all bought an album because we liked the artwork. At least I hope you have or you’re very very boring and we probably wouldn’t get on. With Teebs’ ‘Ardour’ I cheated a little bit. I mean I definitely wanted that artwork in my life but I was aware of his Brainfeeder affiliations which to me is a rubber stamp of mind-bending futurism. Flylo’s ‘Cosmogramma’ was actually the first thing I bought based on artwork alone and since then I’ve had a special bond with everything Brainfeeder, a bond that can only come when you discover and learn to love a piece of music with no outside pressure or influence. And the same thing has happened with ‘Ardour’.


It’s not the most critically acclaimed album at all and it’s not one you even hear about that often but I feel it succeeds at its purpose which is to probably make the most organic sounding beat music I’ve heard. These beats do not melt you’re brain with wonky polyrhythms or act as an unpredictable morphing sample database. Instead Teebs makes a record that sounds like it had almost no human involvement. It’s hard to believe these sounds could have been made by a person, not because of their dazzling complexity but for quite the opposite reason; they sound warm, wholesome and very simple. It’s as if these soundscapes were naturally occurring and all that it needed was the beat. These are new age field recordings that subtlety stimulate the ears instead of assaulting them with the sounds of a new universe (I’m looking at you Flylo).  It’s a beautiful album that surprised me by being as beautiful as the artwork surrounding it. Nice one Teebs.

Any Brainfeeder fans out there? Comment!



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