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Martin $ky – Polaroid

Forgive me because it may just be the weather (believe it or not it was sunny when I wrote this), but this feels special. Another Chicago native (someone should just sign the whole damn city), Martin $ky effortlessly cruises a complex flow, spitting with youthful maturity that’s chill but never lazy. It’s a NoYork! ‘Blu’ with that Joey Bada$$ attitude and it feels strangely fresh. This song benefits hugely from a sun drenched ‘Knxwledge’ beat, one of my favourite producers that just seems to be sitting on an infinite heap of perfect wonky rhythms and samples. ‘Knxwledge’ seems to encapsulate that post-dilla production style so well, with beats that are instrumentally engaging without ever overshadowing the vocals. He’s criminally underated.

Beat selection is an underrated skill that can be just as important as lyrical ability; ASAP Rocky’s is making a career off it. If Martin $ky can keep his ear for beats this sharp his first full length could be more than just another throwaway mixtape, it could be something special.

Any Knxwledge fans out there? Comment!



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