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You know when you want a band or a sound or something to exist that just doesn’t. When all the pieces are there and it just hasn’t assembled itself. You try make it yourself and then realise why you just write a blog and don’t make music. But it actually happened. That sound i’ve been praying for happened in ‘Fossil’.

To give this some backround listen to ‘One Lonely Owl’ by Milo. A gripping monologue over an eerie piano loop that manages to be simultaneously honest, poetic and beautifully cinematic. Its probably one of my all time favourite songs and I dont know why more people haven’t run with this style.

‘Fossil’ have seemingly come to fill this gap. Over grainy, acoustic-sampling ambience ‘Fossil’ unravels a gripping narrative. With goth like gloom, he/she/it speaks with a simple wisdom that makes every line a timeless headline.

Just look at the first passge of the song ‘Night Drive’ :

mom told me everything that dies someday comes back
dad used to sing it to her in her sleep
so i got drunk and carved it on my chest when i found out he died last week
it’s the memory not the pain that’ll make you weep

This is litterally a dream come true for me…

Has anyone else been waiting for something like this? Comment!



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