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Rosie Lowe – River

I think the problem a lot of singer-songwriters have is trying to balance genuine emotion with enough character to stand out from the pack. Most either fall into the trap of showing their soul over the same fucking C major chord sequence or into relying on pure style over song craft. Rosie Lowe has created a sound that avoids these traps.

On her cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ she strips back the already intimate piano composition of the original and plunges it deeper into a sea of tranquillity. Rosie has injected just enough of an RnB vibe into this song to bring it gently into this century without compromising on the precious lyrical fragility. With a voice that echoes Little Dragon’s ‘Yukimi Nagano’ she caresses the listeners heartstrings over almost ‘Baths’ like production. I think the UK could do with a new underground sweetheart and Rosie might be the starlet who’s fit for the job.

Anyone else think we might have found a future star here? Comment!



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