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Last Night In Paris

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never enjoyed British hip hop. I know I should feel a sense of national pride from hearing bars in my native tongue but I’ve always found the results to be cheap, un-intelligent and lacking style. UK hip hop always sounded like it was trying too hard. Over the last year or so though there have been a number of artists creeping in who, at the very least, have made me think differently about British hip hop. Irish rapper ‘Rejjie Snow’ has been getting international praise for his Tyler, The Creator impression and newcomers ‘Young Fathers’ are proving that the Scottish accent is surprisingly well suited for rap. And now London collective ‘Last Night In Paris’ are set to blow.

LNIP echo when Odd Future first burst on the scene, with a whole host of producers, directors and rappers they form their own self-sufficient creative coalition. With their A$AP Mob high-end aesthetics and Weeknd like mystery, they have succeeded in creating a lot of buzz about themselves online. Although the music they’re delivering is not groundbreakingly deep, it succeeds in the A$AP Rocky school of style over substance. Every line is delivered with a gold-plated superiority that leaves the listener feeling as though they’re loitering round the VIP section of a club trying desperately to listen in. Something cool is happening with LNIP and if we’re lucky they might let us in to hear.

Anymore UK Hip Hop i should be aware of? Comment!



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