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Tiger Tsunami – Antarctica

I can’t even begin to describe this track. Partly because it comes from the genre-defying pool of wonkyness that is the beat music scene but mostly because i’m knackered and can’t actually think of anything creative to say.

One thing that does stand out about this track beyond it’s airy synths and rhythmic vocal samples is the attention to detail. A lot of producers fall into the trap of making a four bar loop and playing it out for 3 minites; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this but it does tend to shift a tune into the ‘backround music’ catagory that will inevitably mean that it ends up playing while I spend my evenings endlessly trawling IMDB for movie trivia. Antarctica however subtley shape-shifts itself throughout the track, keeping it constantly engaging and elevating it above the level of “just a hip-hop instrumental” into a fully fledged song. Anyway just listen to the damn song already so I can go lie down…

What’s a Tiger Tsunami anyway? Sounds comical. Comment!



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