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Missing Teen – Scream White Noise

I usually hate when bands invent genre-tags for themselves. It’s pretty arrogant to claim you’ve invented a whole new genre and very inaccurate because you definitely haven’t; no one’s invented a new genre since like the 1920’s when Dubstep first hit the mainstream in post-world war 1 London. What was my point again? Oh yeah, new genre tags…

Well Los Angeles band ‘Missing Teen’ have at least had the good grace to include some comic wordplay in their tag of ‘Shoegazi’ and I have to admit it’s not a bad description of their sound. As the song begins we’re greeted with a familiar whirlwind of guitars that would count for the ‘shoe’ part of this description but it’s clear from when the vocals kick in that this is something a bit different. Instead of the usual muffled melodies that are only uncovered by peeling away the thick skin of guitars we’re instead met with throaty chants that tear through the textures instead of hiding below. Backed by a relentless rhythm section, ‘Missing Teen’ succeed in wrapping Fugazi-esque post-hardcore vibes in a blanket of shoegazey guitar brilliance. A note to other bands, if you’re going to invent genres for yourselves at least be as accurate as these guys…

Anyone seen any ridiculous genres? Comment!



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