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Thundercat – Heartbreaks + Setbacks

Flylo and Thundercat are best buds. Thundercat is one of Brainfeeder’s flagship artists and his wildly distinctive bass style has been harnessed by Flying Lotus into one of his most distinctive production sounds. He is the Brainfeeder vice president (this is pure speculation – I doubt Brainfeeder has a particularly regimented corporate structure) so it’s no surprise to see flylo and his right hand man collaborating on a new song, the first from Thundercat’s upcoming album.

The song ‘Heartbreaks + Setbacks’ is a refreshingly poppy number by Brainfeeder standards driven by a clean 90’s french house sounding vocal. The song kind of sounds like a tripper’s take of Solange’s ‘Losing You’; it channels the same dance pop euphoria but submerges itself under deeper layers of experimentalist cloud. I do have one quite major irk though; that beat. I’m all for the wonky, un-quantised rhythms that I’ve come to love as a fan of the post-Billa beat scene but I think that maybe they’ve overdone the effect here. The song rushes into each bar with such velocity that it looses any natural groove and almost pushes itself into a wildly unmanageable 15/16 time signature; 15/16 is not meant for the dance floors. It does feel slightly more organic after a few listens but I can’t help but think the guys have nearly ruined a very pure pop song for the sake of some showing off.

Anyone else not feeling that extreme wonk? Comment!



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