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I have severe buyer’s guilt. It’s been about 4 hours since I spent £35 on 2 vinyl’s (sorry mum) and I can hardly say its been spent  basking in the magnificence of my new purchases; instead I’m being slowing eaten away by guilt as I try repeatedly to justify to myself why I’ve just spent half a week’s living costs on 12 songs…and a poster.

I ended up in the current capital of all things guitar-music, Birmingham. My fellow hauler today was a bloke called Ryan (HE HAS A BLOG) who keeps his vinyl in the hallway so ‘everyone can see it when they come in’ – he’s one of those guys. We managed to casually saunter up to some off the trail store in Birmingham and slipped in quite easily about 20 people back from the front of the queue – hardly the panic buying massacre we expected. Slowly we edged towards the shop (which opened 20 minutes late), loudly discussing our excitement over the Wings vinyl to throw off any competing haulers. The shop in question was so small that it was more or less operating on a ‘one in, one out’ system with any hope of general browsing diminished. I’m assuming this was largely down to the size of the shop but it did kill any real community vibe instead just diminishing the whole experience to that of ordering school dinners; you queue up for half an hour to find they’ve run out of chips and you’re getting beef stew, now fuck off back to your seat.

Luckily we were in the chip-getting part of the queue and I was able to procure the Elliot Smith 7″ I’d been hankering after – JOY.


I’d also heard rumblings of some form of Nick Drake release and asked if they had it. I was presented with a premium looking LP, told it was 35 quid and was left to pay while the bloke moved onto the next customer. I didn’t even know what was on this damn thing but here I was forking over a heinous sum for 8 tracks…and a poster. I was only trying to impress the guy with my worldly knowledge of 70’s folk artists and now I’ve got a Nick Drake sized hole in my bank account. Maybe I’ll flog it on Discogs to some guy who wears hemp and has a 5 foot beard for £10,000,000 or I’ll just keep it as a mocking reminder that I shouldn’t make impulse buys…and a poster.


Any other semi-horror stories? Comment!



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