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Splashh – All I Wanna Do

I like Splashh. I’m very close to loving them but so far they have at least succeeded in being the most consistently non-disappointing buzz band hovering round at the moment. They are the students constantly achieving above-average grades, much better than that flashy bastard who gets A’s without revising and then releases a terrible album. In this very mixed analogy Palma Violets are a good example of a band who had a great lead single and more press than Jimmy Saville but managed to put out an embarrassingly flawed debut.

It’s very easy for bands to get whipped up in a whirlwind of hype and be forced to release a competent album when they haven’t even had a chance to let their demos air out first. Splashh have had a bit of a longer gestation period so when their debut album ‘Comfort’ drops on June 3rd i’m at the very least expecting above average grades…or a good album. I shouldn’t do analogies.

We did all think ‘180’ was a heap of turd right? Comment!




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