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Forest – John

Continuing the sun-infested wave of 90’s throwback guitar bands we’re all riding at the moment, here’s some gold from ‘Forest’. Slotting in nicely to the current musical environment they remind me a lot of ‘Childhood’ with their Squire-influenced guitar leads driving the hooks. There’s something quite refreshing about these guys though. Their eccentric vocal style feels more rooted in solid song-writing rather than relying on a vague posey hipness (which is definitely something I’ve just made up). Not that I’m not a fan of vague posey hipness or I wouldn’t be running a blog…or inventing phrases like ‘vague posey hipness’.

But yeah, Forest definitely give a more rugged interpretation of the current mould of guitar music that should see them stand tall above the other bands that are currently submerged deep within the cloud of reverb that is today’s guitar music scene.

Vague Posey Hipness…That makes sense right? Comment!



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