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Mac Miller – S.D.S

Mac Miller doesn’t take himself too seriously which is an admirable quality in an industry that has defined itself on self-importance. He is a friendly little fella who passed the internationally-renowned Nardwuar test. It’s disturbing how much my opinion of an artist is swayed by how they treat everyone’s favourite Canadian (Nas and Kid Cudi are both now filed under ‘horrible person’ in my head). The problem with Mac Miller isn’t Mac Miller, it’s the hordes of annoying pre-pubescents who take him far too seriously. It was the same bunch who called ‘Asher Roth’ their favourite rapper and the same whiney bunch have clearly never listened to another hip-hop artist in their life and blow his cultural relevance way out of proportion. In doing so these people make it impossible for anyone to admit to liking him for what he is; a fairly adept but very likable rapper. Mac seems to be making some shifts though.

In the process of seemingly becoming best buds with Earl Sweatshirt, Mac also found time to record this banger with Flying Lotus, a collaboration I quite literally never thought would happen. Mac delivers the goods over what sounds like a polished ‘1983’ leftover and it works surprisingly well, coming off like a less-hazed out Noyork! cut. It’s a pleasant change with both the potential to bring Flylo to a wider audience and alienate Mac’s entire established fanbase. Good news all round.

Do you all remember Asher Roth? That was a good joke. Comment!



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