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Oliver Wilde – Flutter

Bristol is a wonderful city. It’s an artistically rich cultural hub that just can’t hide the fact that no matter how ‘city’ it gets, it’s still rooted firmly in the rural south. Even at it’s most metropolitan you still feel a sense of country warmth. It seems to be pretty hot on the music front as well. We featured ‘Drift‘ earlier this month and now, thanks to ‘DIY’, we’ve unearthed some exceptional potential in ‘Oliver Wilde’.

‘Oliver Wilde’ mixes melancholy acoustics with gritty samples floating them along on a subtle trip-hop rhythm (did you really think I was going to talk about Bristol and not make a nod to trip-hop). The risk of blending this technology with the near historical artefact that is the acoustic guitar is always going to be that they simply cannot exist within the same time period, the electronics highlighting the ancient flaws of the guitar and the glossy electronics lacking the humble soul of the folkie’s weapon of choice. Thankfully the choice of electronics is spot on, all of them sounding organic and carrying enough down-beat atmosphere to perfectly encapsulate the intricate guitar plucking. The vocals drift through, kissed by a light breeze of grit, adding to the addictive gloom of this track. It’s like a west-country Sparklehorse and it’s got me eagerly anticipating what comes next. Thank you Bristol.

Anymore Bristol talent I should be aware of? Comment!



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