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Hawk House – Tidal Tendencies

HAWK HOUSE Hawk House   Tidal Tendencies [Video]

Well after voicing my general indifference to UK hip-hop a few weeks ago it seems now that any artist that’s grabbing my attention is coming from this side of the pond. It turns out all the UK needed was some bad press from a completely unknown blogger in order to kickstart it’s hip-hop renaissance. I should slag off more genres…

Last Night In Paris‘ were the first bunch to grab my attention with their own spin on blog-friendly luxury rap sounds (Harlem’s what they’re repping?) but now these shores seem to have found their own home-grown answer to Joey Badass and his band of 90s revivalists ‘Pro Era’. With complex flows over a Dilla-esque beat ‘Hawk House’ (formerly ‘ A Yellow Man’) treat us to some of the most accomplished rapping i’ve ever heard in a British accent. The verse’s are delivered with a maturity that leaves even the most acrobatic of phrases effortlessly drifting over the moody Rhodes chords. The attention to detail in these bars is so fine that it can leave a 3 minute track of straight lyricism more engaging and exciting than any Trap-backed banger can manage. The subtle vocal workout that ends the song (and leaves Fugees comparisons inevitable) is the confirmation that this is a complete package that could make a real impact on not just the domestic musical environment but could have Americans looking beyond their beloved east coast to unexplored territories. Here’s hoping.

Has the UK always been this good and I just havent noticed? Comment!



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