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Who knew the Scottish were such a cheery bunch. Every band that finds it’s way to my grumpy southern ears, be it ‘Honeyblood’ with their girl-power fuzz-pop or 90s revivalists ‘PAWS’, seem to be delivering their scuzzy rock bangers with a smile. It’s like being ripped to shreds by a hoarde of adorable kittens with strange accents and believe it or not, this is a actually good thing.

The latest group of kitty-killers to grab my attention with the perfect blend of bruising guitars and joyous pop are 2-piece ‘Pinact’. Sounding like a distilled version of every great ‘Big Scary Monsters’ band ‘Pinact’ do away with any gimmicks and any tricks basically turning their backs on everything that isn’t pure song and leaving something that is pure scream-along fun. It’s nice to hear something that doesn’t come with a perminent black cloud attached, infact i think im going to have to trek it up to Scotland to try work out why you’re all so bloody happy up there.

What’s the scottish version of an Anglophile because I think im becoming one? Comment!



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  1. check out Great Cop if you liked Scotland, Paws and Pinact!


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