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BAYY – Dreams

In a lot of ways the south coast is the LA of Britain. Yes apart from the shitty beaches, complete lack of sunshine and healthy dose of British cynicism that runs right along the shoreline they’re exactly the same. Flawed comparisons aside though, there definitely is something sunny invading our beaches.

Brighton based BAYY’s new tune ‘Dreams’ is a shimmery affair and is basically the perfect British seaside pop song – Sunny but still with a healthy dose of melancholy. There’s a maturity in the composition that elevates these guys (and girl) out of the usual batch of reverb drenched layabouts; relying on carefully textured clean tone guitars and harmonies to advance the song rather than just stomping on their Big Muff’s when the chorus kicks in is a welcome change. Imagine a hungover Warpaint with a less moody King Krule on the vox.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on BAYY, mainly so we can create a feature called ‘BAYYwatch’. This blog was built on puns…

What the fuck is ‘Gearwave’? Comment!



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