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Purple Ferdinand

Looks mean everything, especially when it comes to music. I know they probably shouldn’t but it’s naive to deny the overwhelming effect that aesthetics have on a listener. There will always be the traditionalists (I prefer the term idiots) who say ‘music should be judged by ears alone’ but i feel that you get a much more complete story when visuals come into play.  What I love most though is when the looks and the sound don’t quite add up and you’re left with these beautiful contradictions that warp people’s perceptions and transform the sounds into strange new dimensions.

I’m going to be honest and admit the last thing I expected to hear when I saw Purple Ferdinand’s edgy visuals was some of the most touchingly-timid folk songs i’ve heard in a long time. The gentle ukulele backing highlights her soulful vocal, sounding like a more delicate Lianne La Havas with a touch of a British-Badu. Her effortlessly cool style puts Ferdinand in the position to shatter people’s expectations leaving no option than to be blown away by the complete package she offers. I think Purple Ferdinand will be gaining a loyal follower with each pre-conceived notion she shatters. She’ll no doubt be very popular, very soon. She will also probably be sick of people talking about the way she looks so I apologise in advance for that!

Anyone else love their audio/visual contradictions? Comment!



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