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Jamie Isaac

I’m going to be honest, I was very late on the James Blake train. Following my juvenile instinct to instantly dislike anything that I feel is being forced on me, I spent 2 years bragging to anyone that would listen about my distain for James Blake without ever really stopping to actually listen to his music. It was only the other day I quietly purchased his first album and began bluntly denying ever having disliked him. In fact forget everything I just wrote…

I’ve always loved James Blake.

You may wonder why I’m talking about James Blake in an article clearly labelled Jamie Isaac but it’s becoming increasingly more apparent how deeply Blake’s influence has penetrated the UK music landscape.

On Jamie Isaac’s new track ‘Softly Draining Seas’ we’re treated to the same delicate soundscapes and minimalist percussion we’ve come to expect from anyone with a name that starts with J however Jamie is taking a slightly different angle to Mr Blake. With a more traditional lyrical approach, Jamie Isaac weaves a stronger narrative than James’ 2 line poems with a touchingly polite vocal. Backed by gentle piano drowned in swirling harmonies, Jamie Isaac creates something beautiful with a sound that is becoming more and more quintessentially British.

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