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Kiran Kai x Carla – Drift

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I litterly know nothing about this track or the people on it. I’d like to tell you I spent hours trawling the internet for any scrap of information but I’m far too lazy to even lie about doing that. Instead I can just enjoy this track at face value and still have my evening free to watch The Shawshank Redemption for the billionth time and wonder how I can get Morgan Freeman to narrate my life.

The track itself is equally un-revealing about how it wants to be defined. The production is a guitar sampling cloud of jazz melded with trappy hats that provides a hazy bed for what sounds like Captain Murphy’s British cousin. The pitch shifted raps appear along side some soulful singing from what i assume is ‘Carla’ but your guess is as good as mine at this point. Apparently there’s an upcoming EP with Jesse James to look foward to so i’ll just wait to see if we learn more at that point. If this all turns out to be Flying Lotus again I honestly wouldn’t be suprised by this point…

Anyone wanna fill in the blanks here? Comment!



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