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Wampire – Trains

Hey, did you notice, psychedelica’s cool again. This is fine by me but I am struggling to digest the increasing amount of impenetrable, structureless 6 minute jams seemingly devoid of any discernible lyrics; The songs that are toooo highhhh for a chorus. Wampire are a nice change.

With a groovy nostalgia reminiscent of UMO or the band that refuses to disappear Tame Impala, Wampire deliver an altogether more humble sound. Devoid of the multi-tracked cosmic guitar explosions that you’d expect, we’re instead greeted by much subtler keyboard and guitar nuances that leave a lot more focus on the song itself instead of the usual soundscapes. It might be because i’m about 10 bongs short of most people that usually listen to this music, but it’s a welcome change for me.

Does someone who’s not 10 bongs short wanna weight in on this? Comment!



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