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AKONOMILES – Get Inspired

If the internet has given us anything other than Harlem Shake vids and unholy amounts of porn it’s definitely the rise of the adolescent wonder kid. Every day we hear of a new adult-shaming rapper or producer to make us re-asses our career paths. I’m in a bit of a pickle though because I used up all my witty ‘young-rapper’ jokes when i talked about ‘Chester Watson’ so now i’m left with nothing especially fun to say about 16 year old MC ‘AKONOMILES’. Its a hard life…

The kid can definitely rap and seems to be favouring less of the edgy Doom-esque vibes that we’re drowning in at the moment and instead rolling with a more energetic, cocky flow. There’s not much info out there but it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on this kid as he shapes his style. He could be a revolutionary or just another struggle-rap casualty. Either way he’s got his whole damn life ahead of him to work that one out…

Any more younguns out there i should be aware of? Comment!



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