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Bloody slackers. In any other industry they fall to the bottom of the pile but when it comes to music they are the Pitchfork poster boys that we dream of being. They have mastered the art of making annoyingly good music while maintaining a complete air of indifference as to how it’s received. I do hate Stephen Malkmus a bit though for making it this cool to give no fucks. Now every snotty nosed teen thinks they can mumble over a few chords and hope to cruise onto blogs propelled by a cloud of their own arrogance, completely forgetting that, underneath it all, Pavement actually wrote bloody good songs.

Radstewart seem to have remembered to write some damn good songs on their debut EP ‘Whig Crooks & Beer Swindlers’. There’s (unsurprisingly) a healthy dose of wit in the pseudo-Lou Reed vocals delivered alongside enough dreamy melody to keep everything engaging. I hope these guys do well because the idea of Wales’ answer to Pavement is as much awesome as it is hilarious!


To slack or not to slack? Comment!



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