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Blludd Relations – Even Steven

Every so often something comes along which is just out of classification’s reach. Something that is refreshingly different but still manages to capture the public’s attention and grip it tight. Something like when Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy was number for an actual eternity or when MGMT soundtracked 2008 – neither of these guys made any effort to go with the pop music trends of the time but managed to hit a nerve with the public in the sort of way that can only result in Platinum records. Blludd Relations, as well as having a ridiculously spelt name, might just have the kind of sound that could do the same.

Even Steven is a combination of Woozy synths, Wonky beats and a dressing of nostalgic keys and bass resulting in a tune that sounds so organically futuristic you have to wonder how you could even dream up this stuff; it sounds positively otherworldly. Whilst i’m not sure that this is the song we’re going to hear all over the radio (and im even less sure about the visuals) I do think there is a shed-load of crossover potential here. And even if they remain in complete obscurity at least i know where to look for some mind bending futurism.

Is that Robert Downey JR. in the vid!? Comment!



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