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Belle Mere – The Boat of The Fragile Mind

It’s strange how much we crave nostalgia. We all like to stare longingly back at the proverbial ‘good old days’ and convince ourselves that we could have easily survived without the internet. The further back we look, the more theatrical the times seem as they become an increasingly warped and incomparable version of today’s society. So whilst most acts at the moment are 3 seasons of Fresh Prince deep into the 90s, Belle Mare are creating cinematic 50s throwbacks.

Belle Mare manage to perfectly capture the times in their moody acoustics. The Nico-esque vocals exude a morbid classiness with the kind of throwback flair Lana Del Rey wishes she had. There’s still a vein of modernism running through the track though with its dreamy harmonies and guitar soundscapes sounding vaguely like Atlas Sound.

Like I said it’s strange how we craze nostalgia, but it’s stranger still how something that makes no effort to hide it’s historic influence can be one of the freshest things I’ve heard in a long time.

90’s or 50s? Comment!



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