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Sunday Round Up – 12/05/2013

For those that thought this blog couldn’t get any worse, Will and Elliot are going to Great Escape this week which will result in a complete lack of posts and possibly some blurry video footage of Mac Demarco. You never know we might be able to trick some bright eyed artists into thinking we’re real journalists and con some interviews out of them. More on that later this week…

RADSTEWART – Your prayers have been answered, Cardiff’s answer to Pavement are here

WAMPIRE – I think these guys might have an album out this week but I can’t remember what I wrote in this article. Im sure it was great.

BELLE MERE – Yes the proverbial well of journalistic inspiration has well and truly dried up and we’re now forced to post articles from yesturday as part of a weekly round up. I weep for what this blog once was….

And Finally…



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