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So many of us are addicted to misery. I think it’s in human nature to long for a sense of melancholy to wallow in and I would know because I’m a serial depression addict when it comes to music. I might be alone in this but I can’t help but think that the songs that hit us hardest are the ones that are saddest. This is not to say that a pure lifeless sea of bleakness is an engaging musical direction. The real beauty comes from balancing a chilling downpour of pure emotional release with the warmth of a human touch; these are the songs that cut so deep that they leave a bit of themselves behind.

Anyway I’ve strayed so wildly from my original topic that I’ve genuinely forgotten what this post was about.

After checking the title it appears to be about ‘Ides’ and her particular brand of what she’s calling Sadcore. Delivering a murky black cloud of venerable dirge I can’t help but sense the occasional ray of sun that gives these a feel of celebrating the hard times rather than being overcome by them; it’s hard not to think of Cat Power when you hear this. Anyway i’ve travelled far enough down the rabbit hole of human emotion for today, time to blast my way out with some Waka Flocka Flame…


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