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Taylor Bennett – SpeedRacer

It’s an awkward but inevitable fact that often, siblings wind up on the same career path. Sharing genetics and an upbringing is often going to result in shared ambitions which brings about the problem of good old fashioned sibling rivalry, something of an inconvenience when you’re already competing against the thousands of other artists in your field. One way to sidestep this is to announce yourself as an entirely different beast to your family counterpart and if Solange is the pitchfork poster-girl to Beyonce’s world-domination diva then Taylor Bennet is the high octane fire-spitter to Chance the Rapper’s future sounds.

It goes without saying that Chance the Rapper is winning at life at the moment. ‘Acid Rap’ has met universal acclaim and he will inevitably be negotiating a 7 figure deal as we speak. Rather than trying to imitate Chance’s unique melodic style, Taylor’s going down the root of absolute lyrical attack. With an almost grime like aggression Taylor tears his way through bars, effortlessly switching flows but managing to channel the same prize-winning personality that had us all falling for Chance in the first place. The mix of this kind of fiery lyrical agility and cocky presence means Chicago has got yet another frontline warrior on its battle for hip-hop dominance.

I’d give it a few weeks before Taylor is sick of being referred to as ‘Chance’s Brother’. Comment!




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