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The last thing I wrote about on here was an 18 year old rapper coming straight out of the current, cutting-edge capital of hip hop Chicago. I am now about to write about a 70’s sounding slice of pure americana but fear not, I haven’t gone completely Radio 2 on you. I’ve been informed that it is being released on a super hip Brooklyn based label called ‘Sacred Bones’ so you can stop imagining this article being read in Terry Wogan’s voice now yeah?

There’s something of a modern edge in this Case Studies track. There’s a wonderful human imperfection to the instruments which sound more like there were recorded in a mid-western basement than some coke-filled sunset-strip studio. This means that the track is dripping with emotion – this sounds like Frusciante’s long lost country album. I think there is always going to be a place for 70’s and with many people I know still clutching tightly to their Neil Young vinyls, Case Studies could be in a position to make many people’s dreams come true and bring the 70s well and truly back to life.

This is blog is still super hip and credible even when it’s covering country music right? RIGHT?! Comment!



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