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God Damn – Heavy Money

Me and Elliot spend far too much time looking for new music to the point where it’s quite frankly become an addiction. I don’t even end up following up on half the bands I feature, I just want the thrill of discovering something exciting then its on to the next one. My social life, hygiene and general ability to do anything that doesn’t involve sitting at a computer has suffered as a result. Im like one of those cool 50′s New York cops who sits up all night on a typewriter with his cool 50s wife begging him to come back to his cool 50s home and i’m all like ‘NOT UNTIL THIS CASE IS SOLVED’…or something. Anyway this particular tip off came from the most unlikely of places. Whilst at the Superfood house party this weekend we got chatting to guitarist Ryan who, as well as being the nicest man in the known universe, tipped us off to a band called ‘God Damn’ and what a hell of a tip it was.

Having already built up quite a following, God Damn are preparing to release their new ‘Heavy Money’ EP in June. Lead single ‘Heavy Money’ is filled with a primal aggression that seems to sink far deeper into the pit of grunge and doom than most bands dare to go. Shrieks and walls of fuzz make turn this song into some kind of stoner horror flick soundtrack. At it’s core there is a brilliant song and there is something vaguely ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’-esque in the way they’ve taken a well-constructed song and buried it under a landslide of noise. This band is damn exciting and if all tip offs are going be this good we might just have to start turning up to gigs just to ask for recommendations. Oh and the video is RIDICULOUS.

Did you watch the video yet? Like seriously watch it!! NOW! Comment!



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