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Jen Long is fucking cool. Somehow she manages to find the time to DJ radio one, make a fanzine and run ‘Kissability’ with Transgressive. She probably does loads more as well but that’s all I could be asked to note from a quick Google and we all know the cornerstones of this blog are poor research and laziness – why start working hard now?

The Adelines find themself on Kissability with a sound that, although current, relies on a deep 60’s nostalgia with their clean, Velvet Underground guitars and a pop-sense reminiscent of The Shangri-las. If we’re talking female fronted guitar pop, The Adelines have a much dreamier take than American counterparts HAIM to the point where I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning them in the same article. While HAIM yelp and expose themselves on every stage in the world, The Adelines sit at the back of the venue in a cloud of menthol smoke telling them to calm the fuck down. The only two major flaws in this fantasy are that The Adelines can smoke inside and they are on a world tour with HAIM. Both could still happen.

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