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Alexander Spit

I have a strange infatuation with hip-hop instrumentals. I have romantic notions of their life-soundtracking qualities; there isn’t a situation I can think of that isn’t cinematically enhanced by the presence of some booms and baps – toilet endeavours included. Alexander Spit has clearly realised the visual-aid element to his music and presented his new ‘Mansions 2’ mixtape over what i’m reliably informed (via a youtube comment) is a anime thing called ‘Golgo’. It’s an engaging way to keep listeners engaged in a 16 minute continuous instrumental that morphs between wonky Brainfeederisms and gritty Madlib sample grabbing via some straight 80’s porn flick vibes. There’s a mild whiff of Daft Punk coming off this tape (as well as the internet in general at the moment) and the nearest comparison I can think of to this visual accompaniment is actually the robots’ ‘Interstella 5555’. How fitting.

The more I read about Alexander Spit the more I can’t understand why I haven’t heard of him sooner. Turns out he’s quite a prolific Emcee as well with his debut commercial release dropping earlier this year. Considering the last self-produced rapper to defy classification so easily was Tyler, The Creator it’s probably worth keeping an eye on this guy.

Why isn’t this guy bigger yet? Comment!



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