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Today a rare thing happened. I listened to a song more than once before writing about it. What caused this unspeakable event to occur you may ask. You may also ask ‘do you really only listen to songs once before writing about them’ but if you do i’m going to pretend I haven’t heard you.

Well I first heard this song a few weeks ago and after listening to it for about 20 seconds because i’m a busy man and Arrested Development doesn’t watch itself, dismissed it completely. But something about it stuck with me and after searching a little too deep into my search history (as well as discovering some worrying drunk searches) uncovered this gem and instantly remembered what it was that had made an impact; that voice. It’s very rare these days to even notice a voice. It’s an infinitely ancient instrument that has all but exhausted its possibilities and yet here’s something i’ve never heard before. These vocals scream out, bursting from a strangled wind pipe in a shrill vibrato that instantly dominates the song, adding to the Killers-sounding sense of grandeur and making something that sounds far more stadium ready than most new acts would dare to be. Its ripe and ready for radio 1.

Quit looking at me like that – Of course I listened to your music more than once! Comment!



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