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Travis Bretzer – Find Another Guy

Canada is the gift that keeps giving. Mike Myers. Nardwuar. Drake!?!?? There’s a constant stream of insanely talented folks with comical accents who continue to be the best at what they do.

(It was when I reached this point in the article that I realised I have almost completely exhausted my knowledge of Canada and that maybe I should have taken a different route. I also realised that I have neither the time or motivation to do redo what i’ve done and also that I should probably read more…)

Travis Bretzer is a Canadian artist but let’ not focus on that. I discovered him after a record store day impulse buy landed me with this cassette and it seems I should impulse buy more often. Travis leaped out at me as the standout on the tape, reminding me of an even brattier take on fellow Canadian Mac Demarco’s nostalgic romance. It turns out I know as little about Travis as I do about his homeland but given the cult like following Mac has established he could be  in a great position to become our next lo-fi sweetheart.


Do you remember Colin Mochrie? My entire view of Canada is based on that guy! Comment!



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