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Abattoir Blues – Never Know One Again

I hate the 80’s which, as a music fan, is quite a big problem. For all it’s flaws it was packed full of seminal acts whose lyrics i’m supposed to have tattooed on my face; The Smiths, The Cure, New Order and many more are all classic acts that to me are completely ruined by their production. Seriously, how could anyone have thought that the glossy shimmering reverb and stadium snares on even the most humble indie song was a good idea. This puts me in the awkward position of having to pretend to like a lot of these act’s holy works or they wont let me in the ‘Struggle-Blogger’s Club House’ anymore.

Fortunately ‘Abattoir Blues’ have clearly enjoyed their fair share of Cure records and bought their gothic pop sound into a new age, an age without ridiculous snares. They’ve combined this nicely with enough snarling punk which makes them sound like an 80s take of the fuzzy pop sounds that fill the Old Blue Last every night. Thank you Abattoir Blues for allowing me to ignore the 80s – I am in your debt.

I’m not the only one who thinks the 80s are a bit shite am I? Comment!



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  1. Weren’t the 80’s better than the 90’s? REM for example. Fantastic in the 80’s, decreasing returns in the 90’s. Poop in the 00’s.

    • This is true! Unfortunately ‘Murmur’ is one of those sacred cows that hasn’t quite clicked for me yet although i’m a big fan of ‘Document’. I i grew up on ‘Automatic For The People’ so that’s always been the one for me


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