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Wild Ones – Curse Over Me

The constant search for ‘Cool-guy indie bands’ (yeah it’s a thing) is pretty tiring. To discover something even remotely good I have to put up with a daily gaggle of teenage prima donnas who think they are changing the world because they heard a Sonic Youth song once. After a day of being subjected to what can only be described as mumbling over music that would barely have been cutting edge 2 decades ago it’s nice to come across something which is well-written, poppy and proud.

Wild Ones have a refreshing brand of percussive psych pop, sounding as catchy Passion Pit but without a relentless and agonizing Falsetto. In fact front woman Danielle Sullivan’s vocals are the real key feature here, managing to strike up a balance between a bubblegum sweetness and a ghostly whisper; it’s a brave smile hiding the deeper emotions that swirl deep within this song. Anyway that was fun, I’m off to look for more bands now. Wow this one list Dinosaur Jr as an influence, that’s new…

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