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Vicktor Taiwo – Digital Kids

People these days are always moaning about how stagnant the state of music is and by people I mean me. It’s scary how derivative music is and, I suppose, has always been but its hard to spot any real innovation around at the moment. Then you listen to a song like ‘Vicktor Taiwò’s ‘Digital Kids’ and realise there is no way this song could have existed 10 years ago. It’s snuck up on me but this James Blake style of icy neo-RnB is one of the few truly modern sounds we have at the moment and Vicktor’s is a strong new voice in this field.

A steady pulse sets an agonisingly relaxed groove; light harmonies breeze in over the woozy synths with a touch more soul than the usual Weeknd-comedown beats. Vicktor’s voice has a booming warmth that could easily dominate the track but instead it’s utilized delicately with a strong John Legend quality to it . Its another shining example of what may turn out to be our generation’s defining sound.

What else is truly innovative at the moment? Comment!




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